October 2014

October is gonna be crazy. Not only is it my favorite month EVER, but I get to spend it making music with some of my favorite people. How could it possibly be any better? I start the month with a couple of one-off gigs—my first contradance in YEARS (with the fab Owen Morrison of Elixir), a duo show with Neil Pearlman where we’ll be trying out some new material for a top-secret tour in January, and a guest appearance with the Canadian group The StepCrew!

Then…I’m going back to fiddle camp! Seriously, I can’t get enough. I’ll be teaching at Laura Cortese and Kristin Andreassen’s fabulous MILES OF MUSIC camp alongside Mark Simos, Moira Smiley, and Flynn Cohen. Calling this fiddle camp is actually kind of reductive since Laura and I are the only fiddlers on staff…we’ll be exploring the intersection of Celtic and Old-Time music in a million different ways. There are still spots available, so if you dance, sing, or play fiddle, guitar, banjo, mandolin, or accordion, come join in on the fun!

Long Time Courting will be hitting the road for an East Coast tour starting on October 16, so watch out for us in NY, PA, MD, VA, and CT! We’re prepping to record an EP and a music video in early December and we’ll be rocking new material and general excitement!

Also, take a quick peek at the dates for my New England tour in early November and see you around soon!